The methodological pedagogical center

The methodological pedagogical center in Přeš (in the next MMP) is based on the plan p. 14 (p. 2, b. C) of the Law of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 361 of the Code of Laws on Public Administration in the Education System and on School Self-Government, a state organization directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education. The methodological center was created “for the purpose of carrying out methodological activities and improving the qualifications of teaching and non-teaching personnel” of schools, school and preschool institutions of Eastern Slovakia: regions, cities, settlements, in cooperation with the regional education departments in the cities of Presov and Kosice.

MPP in Presov:

  • results in an increase in the qualifications of pedagogical and non-pedagogical workers in schools and school facilities,
  • demonstrates professional-methodological assistance to pedagogical and non-pedagogical workers,
    to carry out an analysis and research work in the field of raising the qualifications of pedagogical and non-pedagogical workers
  • on the basis of instructions from the Ministry of Education, is responsible for the implementation of activities:
    – in the field of special training of teachers for the education and upbringing of children of the Roma population,
    – in the field of professional development of school teachers in national territories (Hungarian, Ukrainian, Rusyn).
    An integral (integral) MPC is a part of the Roma Educational, Information, Documentary, Consulting Center ROCEPO, which operates throughout the territory of Slovakia, the purpose of which is to take into account the specific needs and conditions of the Roma national minority through special training of teachers in schools where there is a high percentage of Roma children.